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A Coruna, Spain
January 23, 2003
  Valparaiso, Chile
May 29, 2003
  Zaragoza, Spain
June 17, 2003
  Veracruz, Mexico
June 18, 2003
Schoolchildren protest the "Prestige" oil spill   Students demand
higher grants

Bicyclists against the oil and car dictatorship and its wars.

  Mexican farmers ask for return of their land seized by the government, 1992-1998

Cancun, Mexico
September 8, 2003

Mexico City
October 15, 2003

November 16, 2003

Miami Beach, FL
November 17, 2003

Anti-globalization activists stripped naked on the beach on Mexico's Caribbean to protest a meeting aimed at reviving troubled negotiations for a global free-trade deal.

Female members of the "400 Pueblos" farmer's organization demonstrate nude as they at the Independence Angel Monument.

Bare Witness members stripped naked in Parliament Square and spelt out a stark message for Tony Blair and George Bush on the grass in front of Westminster Palace: NO GM AMBUSH.

Protestors take part in a "We'd Rather Wear Nothing than Wear Gap" protest against the clothing store chain, as talks for the Free Trade Area of the Americas begin in Miami.

Santiago, Chile
November 25, 2003

Chicago, Illinois

Blenheim, New Zealand
January 19, 2004

January 23, 2004
No Violence
Against Women

Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics

Protesters stripped and lay down outside the Waihopai spy base near Blenheim to draw attention to their demands to have the base closed.

From CARNIVAL OF CHAOS, a collection of collages inspired by the violent response of George W Bush to the 9/11 attacks and his increasingly megalomaniacal behavior since that event.

Miami Beach, FL
January 25, 2004

Paris, France
February 12, 2004

Berlin, Germany
February 16, 2004

Cambridge, MA
March 2, 2004

More than 1,200 people gathered to create a "human art" image in creative protest against the Bush administration's unprecedented prosecution of Greenpeace.

In a pre-Valentine's Day protest, animal rights activists stripped down to their red bikini underpants Thursday on the Champs-Elysees, urging couples not to buy gifts of fur to express their love.

German police clash with naked students, protesting against planned government financial cuts, outside the Berlinale cinema, before the start of the award ceremony at the Berlinale international film festival.

Wearing nothing but colorful underwear and strategically placed tape,  representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals protested in Harvard Square. All six participants were arrested.

Pamplona, Spain
July 6, 2004

Imphal, India
July 15, 2004

New York City
August 2004

Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland
August 18, 2007

Protesters followed the route of the bull run through the city's narrow streets, demanding an end to Spain's renowned running of the bulls.

A group of Manipuri women stripped down and stormed the army base here as inhibition collapsed before anger at the custody death of one of their own.
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Nude activists blocked traffic in Manhattan to protest the Bush administration's record on AIDS.

600 people shed their clothes on a glacier in the Swiss Alps to bodily cry out for help against a planetary emergency: global warming.

December 2007
  Mexico City
August 8, 2008
Nudes against nukes.

Washington, D.C.
In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street,
on October 6, Occupy DC began their occupation
of Freedom Park, protesting the greed of the 1%.

Avaaz members join with youth delegates to send a message from the beach at the Bali Climate Change Conference.

 Rome, Italy

Ukrainian Sextremist organization, FEMEN, protests
sexual inequality, violence and exploitation around
Europe. See more of their work here

Peasant demonstration against land confiscations and oppression of farmers in Veracruz state


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