I m p e a c h   B u s h

Impeach 4 Peace, Berkeley, CA October 7, 2007
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                                 Photos: Leonard Lehrman, Northeast Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia, NY Aug. 11, 2007
I                       M                      P                       E                           A                    C                 H
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Beach Impeach January 6, 2007 San Francisco
Repeated April 28, 2007. Similar impeachment events took place all over the country and perhaps even the world.
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                                                                                                                                  photo: Alan Taeger
At the Albion War Memorial, Mendocino County, CA. April 28, 2007
Organized by Alan and Arlene Taeger


                                                                                                                                      Photo: G. Leslie Sweetnam

Storrs, Connecticut, April 28, 2007. Let's see, what did I count? - 95 humans and four canines. One thing I learned from this as an aerial photog: when folks stand up, the angle from which the word can be read is very narrow. It works, of course, from directly overhead, but then, because they're standing rather than lying down (as in most of the Baring Witness photos), all you get is heads and arms and it doesn't look as much like people, somehow, which lowers the impact of the statement. I had to make quite a few passes to find the angle at which you could see that the image was made up of people, and also be able to read the word. The problem with a plane is that you can't just "back up" - you have to come around again on a slightly different course. So, lie down, folks, even if you're clothed.


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