"Iraqi Freedom" Game Q&A

Technical and tactical support page for the smash hit war game "Iraqi Freedom," by its publisher

    Q:  I've just started playing the game and have so far enjoyed it, but I have a question about the Iraqi Civilian pieces. The rules state that I get extra US Domestic Support points when I take a city and an Iraqi Civilian piece is flipped over and revealed to be a "Cheering Crowd". So far, however, I haven't found any of those: they've all either been "Hiding" or else "Saddam Fedayeen" - the latter being rather nasty since one my units loses a turn and I take a Domestic Support hit when I flip one of those. The rules, however, gave the strong impression that I should find a lot of "Cheering Crowds". It looks to me like my copy may not be complete -- how many of "Cheering Crowd" pieces are there in the game?
    A: Zero.

    Q: I had a support question. I've been playing the game and I've been drawing cards from the WMD deck as my units have taken the WMD sites marked on the map, but so far I haven't actually found any WMDs. The rules give a list of the WMDs that I need to find in order to win the game (mustard gas, mobile biological weapons labs, sarin nerve gas, enriched uranium, etc.), but I haven't drawn any of them. I know I should have checked before I started play, but how many of the WMD cards in the deck are blank?
    A: Out of the 36 cards in the WMD deck, 36 of them are blank.

    Q: The rules state that it is unlikely to occur, but my game has resulted in a Sunni insurgency. To put it down, I need to destroy all insurgency pieces in the game. However, I see that to attack an insurgency piece in a city, I need to move a US army unit into that city. However, the rules also state that when a US army unit enters a city containing an insurgency piece, that piece automatically moves to the nearest empty city of the same sect. How can I destroy the insurgency pieces?
    A: Occupy all of the cities of that sect simultaneously.

    Q: Hi, I figured out that to defeat the Sunni insurgency that broke out in my game, I need to occupy all the Sunni cities. However, there are 18 such cities and I only have 12 US units, so it doesn't seem possible. Can you help with this?
    A: Of course. You have three courses of action: by draws from the Coalition of the Willing deck to get more troops from Allies, or by submitting a Request for More Troops to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, or by raising Iraqi army units (which does require that you first create an Iraqi Provisional Government or an Iraqi Elected Government, if you haven't already done so). Any of those can give you enough units to do what you need to do to win.

    Q: In my game, I decided I needed more units, so I tried to get them by drawing from the Coalition of the Willing Deck. By bad luck (I think) I didn't get any good cards: they were either cards for small impoverished countries that couldn't help (like Micronesia and Eritrea), or I got refusal cards from powerful countries that could (like France and Germany) that cost me US Public Support. Is there something I'm missing here?
    A: No.

    Q: My game resulted in a Sunni insurgency. I didn't expect that and so I looked into the rule to submit a Request for More Troops to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. I see, however that the only thing that will happen if I do is that I will have to go back ten steps on my Army Career Track. Is there any point to such a request?
    A: No.

    Q: I instituted a Provisional Iraqi Government so that I could raise an Iraqi army to help control the country and put down an insurgency that started in my game. As I understand it, I can occupy a city with either an Iraqi army unit or a US unit, but the rules state that an Iraqi army unit can only control a city if accompanied by a US unit. Unless I'm missing something, this rule means that raising an Iraqi army won't solve my problem, so I just had to check -- is this rule correct?
    A: Yes.

    Q: I've been playing the game, and I drew the "Sistani Election Demand" event card. I decided to call for elections, since I couldn't afford a Shiite insurgency in addition to the Sunni insurgency that I've been fighting since almost the start of the game. Anyway, I spent some of my budget on the "Support Democratic Parties" option to increase my chances of drawing pro-western parliamentarians in the election (by the way -- the rules sometimes refer to an option to "Support Democratic Parties" and sometimes an option to "Subvert Iraqi Democracy" -- are these different options?). [A: No.] Anyway, so I drew the cards from the Election Deck, and almost all of the Shiites I got were from fundamentalist religious parties closely linked to Iran. The rules state I get a big bonus in Domestic Support if Ahmed Chalabi's party was elected, which is what I was hoping for, but I didn't see his party's card in the deck. Since I'm obviously missing it, could you please send me his card?
    A: There is no such card: Chalabi's party can't be elected.

    Q: I've never felt so ripped off in my life. The game was advertised for a price of $19.95, which I thought an excellent price for a game with so many quality components, but I keep seeing additional charges on my credit card: one for $24.57, another for $47.19, yet another for $38.46, and so on. If you add them all up, it comes to over $300.00, and the bills ARE STILL COMING! You're a liar and a thief and I can't believe I was fool enough to buy anything from you.
    A: That's "Iraqi Freedom!" You'll be glad to know that I've also signed you up for a copy of "Iranian Freedom!" (for just $14.95) when it comes out, which should be soon!

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